Nuclear Medicine

Private Appointments are offered at The Maidstone Hospital.

The Nuclear Medicine Department is situated in the Oncology Department at The Maidstone Hospital.

The Nuclear Medicine Department have run a highly successful myocardial imaging service for 15 years and currently do 1500 per annum. This is a non-invasive study which is physiological rather than anatomical and therefore the gold standard study for early investigation of ischaemic heart disease. The Consultant Radiologist stratifies risk and advises cardiologists. Audit has shown a high degree of correlation with subsequent angiogram findings.

The Consultant Radiologist is one of 4 reporters in Kent for PET-CT which is a state of the art imaging investigation for oncology. He reports approximately 600 scans per annum and these reports were in the top group in a national audit last year. The department are currently doing approximately 600 MUGA scans per annum. These measure left ventricular efficiency in the most reproducible way and are required for patients receiving cardiotoxic chemotherapeutic agents, notably Herceptin for breast cancer.

The department is a leading centre in the UK for sentinel node imaging for breast cancer patients. Detection of the sentinel node may obviate the need for axillary node clearance which is potentially painful and deforming. The department is a world centre for sentinel node studies for vulval and cervical cancer.

A very wide range of other nuclear medicine investigations are offered, including (multiple phase) bone scans; renal, thyroid and parathyroid studies; gastrointestinal transit, reflux, bleeding and ectopic mucosa studies; lacrimal, lymphatic and biliary drainage studies; lung perfusion studies and brain perfusion studies for investigation of dementia.