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CT Scanning

Private appointments are offered at:

The Somerfield Hospital
SPIRE Alexandra Hospital
Sevenoaks Diagnostic Centre
The Maidstone Hospital

What is CT?
Computed Tomography (CT) links an X ray machine to a sophisticated computer to produce pictures of any part of the body. These cross-sectional show the area being scanned in great detail, aiding a diagnosis.

Do I need a referral?
Yes. You will need a referral from you clinician, consultant or GP.

What does a CT examination involve?
For the scan you will lie on a comfortable couch. It is important that you relax and lie still, as the couch will move you into the correct position. The scanner is a ring-like structure so you will not be enclosed in a tunnel.

What preparation will be required?
You will be given any specific details and/or instructions when you make your appointment. Please inform the radiographer if there is any possibility you may be pregnant.

How long will the examination take?
Again this will vary according to the area being scanned, but it will be between 15 minutes and an hour. You will be told how long you will the scan will take when you make the appointment.

Will I need an injection?
Some patients are given an injection of a special liquid (contrast medium) to enhance the quality of the images. Please inform the radiographer if you are a diabetic.

How will I get my results?
The results of your scan will be sent to the clinician, consultant or GP who referred you to us.