Private appointments offered at the Maidstone Hospital and the Somerfield Hospital.

The Maidstone Breast Imaging Radiologists are both highly experienced and specialise in the diagnosis of all breast problems using a variety of techniques. The radiologists read over 5,000 mammograms each every year and all mammograms are double read as is recognised as best practice. They have access to state of the art full field digital mammography equipment and undertake screening mammograms (national breast screening programme), diagnostic mammograms for people with symptoms, surveillance mammograms on breast cancer patients, on women who have an increased risk of breast cancer due to family history or past mantle radiotherapy treatment and screening mammograms for women over 35 years who self refer.

Both radiologists are extremely skilled in breast ultrasound, an examination which can be used in younger women as method of choice for whom mammography is not appropriate and as a complimentary examination in those women who have an abnormal mammogram. Image guided breast biopsy is undertaken either by using ultrasound or x-ray to ensure complete accuracy of the biopsy.

The radiologists have access to a prone biopsy table and vacuum assisted biopsy device to enable accurate diagnosis of all impalpable breast lesions. The unit has performed over 1300 prone biopsies, all of which have been successful. Referrals for this test are sent from breast units across the country and also from Ireland, Dubai and Turkey. Neighbouring hospital's difficult cases are also referred and to date there have been no failures.

The radiologists are currently developing a breast MRI and MRI guided biopsy service, having access to a new 3 Tesla MRI scanner and a vacuum assisted MRI biopsy device.

They are also involved in cutting edge research into pre-operative visualization of sentinel nodes using ultrasound contrast medium and have published academic papers widely. They have also presented their own research and audit papers locally at breast cancer meetings, nationally and internationally at Breast Meetings in Europe and the United States.

The Maidstone radiologists are an integral part of the wider breast care team and work collaboratively with the breast oncoplastic surgeons, breast oncologists and breast histopathologists to ensure timely and accurate diagnosis within a breast care pathway designed to ensure the best possible care and treatment for all patients on an individual basis.

The Breast Radiology Team

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